Evanston Man got a a sneak peak at Porsche Effect, the Petersen Automotive Museum latest and greatest exhibit in partnership with Porsche North America. Petersen’s has once again left us floored, decked in decadence and pure Porsche fashion the night and exhibit is one to remember.

The Porsche Effect Exhibit takes the visitors on an insiders view into the history of Porsche. From 1939 to the present day Sally Carrera. The Exhibit gives a behind the scene look at the brand’s unique design, engineering, advertising, partnerships, and its enviable record of racing triumphs. The Porsche Effect  explores the history and impact behind Porsche’s design, engineering, partnerships, and its immaculate racing triumphs.

The exhibit has some of the world’s most recognizable and desired cars on display. A 1955 550 Spyder and of course the always stylish Steve McQueen’s 356 Speedster.

Sit back and let us take it from here, you wont want to miss out on this exclusive and insiders look at Porsche’s rarest and unique cars.


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By Caleb Gomez
Photos courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum





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