Red Hot Chilli Pepper Restaurant

500 Davis St, Evanston, IL 60201, USA



If your not careful while walking down Davis street east of Chicago ave you will walk right past one of the most exciting restaurants in the Evanston area.  Red Hot Chilli Pepper Restaurant is an Evanston jewel for the mouth.  This restaurant specialized in the delectable taste of two blended worlds.  Red Hot Chilli Pepper Restaurant is a blend of Middle Eastern culture and asian culture cooked to perfection.   Today our co- editor in chief LDB sat down with the owner of the restaurant Ramakant Kharel to discuss a few topics.

LDB:  Where did the concept of your restaurant come from?

Ramakant Kharel:  For man years asian and indian/ middle eastern people have traded spices and culture.  This food is a marriage between the two


LDB:  What’s your favorite dish?

Ramakant Kharel:  I love everything in my restaurant.  I would like to invite people from the Evanston Area to come in and try it out that’s why I love your magazines’.


Soon after I found myself with a plate of the SIZZLING CHICKEN dish.  This dish smells like heaven with Chicken in it.  The blend of onion and herbs is like something out of your favorite chinese restaurant and the spicy flavor of the dish was “Perfect”.

Evanston Man is proud to make SIZZLING CHICKEN our first meal suggestion for the Evanstonian lookin for an exciting night out.





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